Friday, 6 May 2011

Natsuki has been sick since Wednesday. 

She complains that she has a headache and we don't know whether it's an infection or it's because she hit her head against one of her classmate by accident. Although she went to her best friend's birthday party yesterday, she didn't look well. She is normally happy and bubbly girl but she was so quiet that made me really worry. 

Today she still has a headache with high temperature so she couldn't go to school. But I didn't want her to stay home and watch TV all day long so I took her to Hyde Park for picnic. She kept looking down, complain about her headache and slept a lot while Poppy is playing at Sandpit . I don't know if it was good idea to take her out but I'm glad not only she had a fresh air and had a good sleep but also Poppy was happy to spend time with her sister.

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