Wednesday, 16 March 2011

'Let's do what we can do now'

As you know Japan had a massive crisis by Tsunami. Fortunately my family are safe as I'm from south of Japan but unfortunately lots of people in Japan (mainly Touhoku area) lost their family,relative and their houses. This is beyond we can imagine. It's just heart breaking.. Nature sometime cruel to us and reminds us we'll never be able to dominate nature. I wish no more people are going to die and no more disaster is going to happen. 

I heard the area that Tsunami hit is very cold therefore they need more duvets, petrol, water, food etc.. Thousands of people are living in evacuation area and they don't know when they will be able to have their house back again. This is insane! I hope Japan recovers from this disaster as soon as possible and their peace comes back again very very soon.

If you are interested in donate to Japan Tsunami Appeal please go to

Please spread this link people around you. I believe every little effort and help will save more people.

I appreciate your cooperation.


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