Thursday, 8 May 2008

gold, purple, silverish gray and red

puffed sleeve dress

It has gold, purple, silverish gray, red, orange.. It's fun and spicy with a touch of vintage look. It's available at my etsy shop x x
Also Usagi spring/summer 08' for enfant terrible is available here.


Anonymous said...

So, sweet! It's so shame that my daughter isn't that keen on wearing dresses...i've tried to make her wear it several times, but i failed. Maybe i just need to keep on trying?

boutiqueusagi said...

Thank you. If she's got favorite prints or colour, that will help I think. when I put this dress on her,I said to Natsu. 'Look! there are lots of stars and dots with pretty colours!'or simply say 'you look princess can you round and round!?' It sounds very silly but it works for Natsu. What does Hiyla like to wear normally?

Anonymous said...

She usually likes to wear trousers. i've tried to tell she looks pretty and you'll look like a princess onece, but it didn't work. i guess some girls are like that... You never know, someday she'll just wear only dress.